Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mr. Nice and Lonely Guy

I texted a friend of mine recently and was kinda taken aback when once again my offer to hang out and have some "bro" time received another rejection response.

"Sorry, can't. Been kinda busy lately."

Okay, okay, I was kinda pissed at first, but sent an LOL along with a few other words.

After a few attempts over the past few weeks to get together, I finally get it. Everyone gets busy, and since I'm the one who works for the school system, and am blessed with a ton of vacations, holidays and snow days - I get bored easily. Especially having two months off during the summer can drive you insane if you don't have anything planned and you end up sitting around everyday. But hey, it's a blessing and I want to make sure this doesn't come across as a complaint.

However, I guess at times I can appear to be a pest. I know that when I'm working throughout the school year, I don't always have time or may not be willing to make time, to just hang out. Sometimes, I just want to curl up with the family or read a good book. Finding something to wear, a place to meet, a time to meet, and then having to troop it out in the cold, can be more of a burden then anything else.

So, instead, on this day in particular, I contacted a client and we had an intense workout session at the gym. It did wonders for the both of us. Especially the cardio. The release of the endorphins really made a difference in how I felt. The feel good effect. So I left the gym feeling good, as I usually do.

So, no hard feelings towards you, buddy.

Life happens!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What am I Doing Tonight?

I'm pondering the next move for the evening. I was supposed to hang out with one of my former students, and catch up on old times. Well, we text back and forth almost every week, but we haven't seen each other in like five years. We lost contact after he left the school, but thanks to Facebook, we reconnected. Unfortunately, he's still at work waiting to be relieved, so we may have to reschedule... again.

Life is a challenge for many, and although I have my own struggles, I am a cheerleader and supportive "teacher", "counselor" and "bro" to a lot of my friends and former students- as well as to myself. I keep them in my prayers, and encourage them to reach for their dream... be it the stars, the moon, the sun, etc.

He sent me a text a few weeks back after  I commented that he is a great guy. His response means a lot to me.

"Thanks bro. I owe part of that to you. You already know. If it wasn't for you or my godfather I don't believe I would've gotten the enlightenment I have now... And I'm still evolving."

When I speak to my former students, and I see what they can become, it makes me push myself even harder to be the best darn role model I can be. These young brothers and sistahs have a lot of potential, but may have been distracted by circumstances. I don't blame The System (too often), I blame the circumstances. We can all amount to anything and become anyone we want. There are NO excuses.. only circumstances.

And what we decide to do from being in those circumstances makes us who we become. The ball is in your court, so what are you gonna with it?

So, instead of sitting at my desk twiddling my thumbs, I put my fingers to the keyboard and added another post to my blog. Productivity is key for me. I got the ball, and do to my circumstances, I had to make a quick decision. My decision was to do something constructive and productive. And then I'm going to come up with some creative ways to do some cardio without waking up my daughter in the morning. Lol.

Now what are you gonna do?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beachbody... Success???!!

I am not saying that I have not gained any success from my involvement with Beachbody, but what I am saying is that I'm tired. It is a major challenge getting my name and my affiliation with Beachbody out to the masses, when Life is taking up so much of my time. If I follow the Game Plan, I am "guaranteed" success. However, I work 7:45a - 4/5pm and I come home to a beautiful little girl and a lovely and loving pregnant wife who has to be in bed by 8pm due to her own work schedule.

My loving and supportive family, the day
I reached Diamond -Level Status!
Up until the end of 2010 and early 2011, I was dedicated to the growth of my Independent Team Beachbody business. Look at what I was able to accomplish- I went from 3 coaches to about 12 in a matter of three months, and reached Diamond-Level status by the first week of 2011. I believe in the product, I use the product, and I became a product of the product. I am also making money from the products. But, I'm tired. I'm exhausted from thinking about everything I want to accomplish, everything I want to do.
This is where I want to be!

The vision is so clear as to where I want to be. I can feel it until it burns. Sometimes it's like watching an HD movie. Lol. It's literally that clear. I can even taste it. However, it's not here yet. Beachbody will be a part of everything that I do for my wellness organization. I am in it for the long run, but for right now, I just need to get some rest.

Although, I am beginning to feel accomplished, I am extremely exhausted.