Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Leave the past where it is... in the past!

It's sometimes tough to get over some of the negative emotions that have stayed with us since our childhood. It's actually pretty tough to get over something that happened last year. Just think of this... last (as in year) rhymes with past (as in past). It is time to move forward and create new energy. I have spent weekends... and sometimes weeks, in my own personal retreat, fighting to get over someone's negative comment.

Yes, it can hurt, but unless you KNOW FOR SURE that you can approach the person in a way that you won't offend or be re-offended, its may be time to let go. Sometimes I ask myself, will it make a difference if I say something to this person? Were they trying to offend me...or did they hit a trigger point that they were not even aware of? There are some situations, I've learned, when it is better for me to just remove myself from harm's way. Maybe, just stop going to lunch with the person instead of continuing to be verbally assaulted for the slightest misstep.

I control how I feel. I create my energy and I refuse to let others have access to it. I walk away when its time, and I stand my ground when I need to.  But I will not allow someone else control how I feel inside. Let them deal with their drama, while I move towards success. Exercise definitely helps me get there. When I run an extra five minutes on the treadmill, do an extra few bicep curls watch my weight drop while my strength increases, I know I have grown. I am empowered! No one can take that away from me.


Barby said...

I need to learn to leave the past in the past. An stop letting others keep affecting my feelings with their negative ways. Thanks for sharing.

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Dalia Alaa said...

This great article has truly peaked my interest.